La Mantis de Las Cluquillas

La Mantis de las Cluquillas, oil and acrylic on board. (100X100cm)

La Mantis de las Cluquillas is our lady, a trans-yonic body-goddess. She is God and Body. She embodies motherhood and creative power, as well as menstruation and sacrificial power. She is Mother Nature, giving life and death in perpetual cycles of change.

She is ‘trans-yonic’ because from her vulvarity she transcends into the sacred realm with supernatural power, as creator-destructor. She also goes beyond reductionist and opposing categories of female/male, she is universally feminine.

Influenced by Catholic iconography, medieval art and psychoanalytic thought, she is the centre of an imaginary mythical universe. Female sexuality and reproduction is personified by the Goddess: the uterus, the fallopian tubes, the ovaries, menstruation and the phases of the moon, the vulva, the clitoris growing with pleasure, the umbilical cords attached to her children. She stands for an understanding of female sexuality not as other, but as universal. Her genitals, hanging swollen lips could descend into testicular form, her clitoris curls and twists in ecstasy, like a phallic snake. An isomorphism that transcends sexual difference, a celebration and affirmation beyond biological sex and that yet positions the female body as norm, as default, as universal, as every bodies.

She stands for the supernatural sexual and reproductive power in us all, for the/our body that roots and binds us to each other. Paradoxically familiar and alien.