Psychotropicalia is a series of 28 circular reduction woodcuts. These multilayered prints have all been printed from the same plate, as it was progressively carved, each of them is completely unique in its combination of colours, texture and composition. Born out of experimentation and chance, the round shape of the plate has been used to twist and turn with every layer, producing an unforeseen combination for each print. The accumulation of thin veils of ink allows the previous layers to show through the grain of the wood and through the carved lines, marks and shapes. The plate was carved with no preconceived result in mind, the design unfolding in the making, inspired by the process itself.

They have been printed on somerset paper (300gms) to allow for an embossing of the plate that adds another quality  to the surface of the print. They have all been cut full-bleed to admit any orientation. Each print measures 60cm in diameter and is marked 1/1 and signed at the back. There are 18 woodcut prints, featured below, and another 10 which have been re-worked with collage and drawing and that are individually titled.