The Perceptible Tactility of My Own Body

This large relief print (70X90cm) was created during my residency at The Gate Theatre in 2014, supported by Chelsea Arts Club. I was commissioned to produce a print in response to the play Quimera. The residency culminated in an exhibition at the theatre’s foyer with a selection of my work.

The Perceptible Tactility of My Own Body. Edition of 28

About the play
What would you do if you discovered you were your own twin? If you learned that your DNA did not quite belong to you?Welcome to Jennifer Samuels’ world. When she learns that she has inherited a rare medical condition her whole sense of self-biological, psychological, emotional, begins to unravel. Join Jennifer as she stumbles down the rabbit hole in a story that combines pin point wit with breathtaking visuals.Taking its inspiration from real science, Quimera is a frightening, funny, and fascinating ride, coming to the Gate following a critically acclaimed run at the Public Theatre’s Under the Radar Festival in New York.

About the residency
I was surprised to find so much in common between the play and my own artistic practice and was very excited to create a piece in response to it. Not only two big themes like gender and the body, but also very specific concerns surrounding female identity in relation to the physicality of the body, reproduction, the scientific standpoint and motherhood and its latent darker side. The title of the commissioned piece, The Perceptible Tactility of My Own Body, is taken from my favourite phrase in the play. The final piece is a woodcut triptych including a self-portrait and two female archetypes, exploring themes from Chimera and adding a religious touch. It is displayed with other prints to create an installation that I hope sparks the interest and curiosity of audiences that come to see the play.