Genital Study Group

Genital Study Group developed from the series Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine, it is a variable edition of 10. I have moved the plates around so that each print is different, leading to random encounters between the pairs. The subtle changes in dark colours across the plates also vary from print to print. They emphasise darkness, secrecy, perhaps night time, occasionally lighting up one of the figures in bright red to surprise or shock. I chose this title to blur de lines between the erotic and the medical or intellectual gaze: what kind of club could these members belong to? Is theirs an educational mission, a religious or occult ritual, a scientific investigation, a kinky practice?


This print led to further colour experimentation with watercolour backgrounds which led to Nocturnal Gathering, a variable edition of 12. Here very subtle changes in the dark colours combine with sunset and dawn colour washes.