Peckham Festival

I’m hosting a joint exhibition with Paul Wye at my house in 21 Holly Grove as part of Peckham Festival’s artists open studios on 14-16th September 2018.
Please join us throughout the weekend, Friday 6-9pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am – 6pm. Come and enjoy the rest of the festival, with open studios, workshops, talks and many other events to celebrate the arts scene in Peckham, check the website or pick up a brochure during your visit. Sneak peaks and preparations @julia.r.gallego and @tinkers_trinkets.

We hope to see you there!


Through his sculptures Paul hopes to create artefacts from a new, imagined culture and drawing influence from outsider art to character design each piece becomes something that shrugs off it’s initial reading, demanding a second take.

Julia’s prints fixate on the yonic and sexed body. A fascination with religion, anatomy, sexuality and psychoanalysis has birthed a multiplicity of bodies at times sacred, supernatural, mischievious, ambiguous, modest, explicit or naive. Looking at the magical powers of sex and reproduction with the perplexed and curious eyes of a not-from-human-born.



Thank you to everyone who dropped by our house during Peckham festival this year to see Paul Wye’s and my creations!