OPEN PORTFOLIO BILBAO last weekend has been a great experience, to be able to show my work with so much space and in such a beautiful venue. It has been a great pleasure to share what I make with the basque public and I really enjoyed the exchange between other artist printmakers. Grateful to have participated together with artists from all over the world (list below), and to have been selected to join FIG (Feria Internacional de Grabado, International Printmaking Fair) on the 16th of November together with Alejandro Perez Clotilde, Maite Pinto and Jesus Mateos Brea. A big thank you to the organisers who bring this great platform to promote emerging artists.

Alejandro Pérez Clotilde // GRANADA
Beata Filipowicz // POLONIA
Carlos Ramirez Zorromono // LA RIOJA
Dorota Ziółkowska // MEXICO
Elena Carrasco Martínez // CUENCA
Irati Torre // BIZKAIA
Isabel Carralero // MADRID
Jakub Honetschlager // REPÚBLICA CHECA
Jesús Mateos Brea // CÁCERES
Julia R. Gallego // MADRID
Lorenzo Davitti // ITALIA
Lucía Moya // VALENCIA
Maite Pinto // BIZKAIA
Maria Luisa Estrada // MEXICO
Mingyi Chou // TAIWAN
Omer Zaballa // BIZKAIA