My Heart is on Fire is a series of woodcuts born from a lot of layering and experimentation. Each single print in the series has been made with the same plates, but is starkly unique, there is a lot of play with texture and colour. I have also re-worked on top of some of them using collage and drawing. The composition depicts an extraordinary organ, a merging of sacred heart and uterus all in one. It is a catholic-tainted celebration of female sexuality and pleasure, indeed the clitoris is the one literally on fire. The two angels reveal and present a sacred gateway from which a skull and an anthropomorphic figure emerge, these two elements represent life and death. The allusion to the crown of thorns reminds us of certain painful cultural legacies that can feel restrictive to our joy.

The heart and the whole package of the female reproductive organs are here one and the same, alluding to the complex undifferentiated mess of visceral experience, what we may call lust, desire and love.

The series is limited to 52 prints, of which 19 have collage and/or drawing and their own title. Each print measures 20 X 30cm, is cut full bleed and is signed at the back.

These are some of the prints reworked with collage and drawing:

And the following are woodcut prints: